Operational Analysis, Transfer Path Analysis, Modal Analysis: Tools to Understand Road Noise Problems in Cars

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Katrien Wyckaert;Herman Van der Auweraer

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1995(1995 / 06 / 24)

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131 - 136

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本文討論載人轎車噪音的分析應用。其含蓋轎車內部噪音的研討,可以能量經由懸吊系統傳到車體的傳遞路徑來解釋,多參考傳遞路徑分析技術將被用於研討。 結合能量傳遞的特性與道路測試量測懸吊系統的數據及車內空間的聲學模態來了解噪音的問題。運轉數據和懸吊系統模態分析結果的相關性分析,解釋車輛在運轉時的某些問題。

English Abstract

This paper discusses a road noise analysis application on a passenger car. It involves a study of the interior noise in the car, which is explained in function of the energy transfer paths from the suspension into the car body. For this, multiple reference transfer path analysis is used. A link is made between specific characteristics of this energy transfer and the operational analysis of the measurements on the suspension during road tests, as well as the acoustical modes of the cavity. The operational data are correlated with modal analysis results on the suspension, explaining certain problems occurring during running condition.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
工程學 > 市政與環境工程
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