Application of the Combined FEM and BEM Approach to Piezoelectric Buzzer Design




Dar-Ming Chiang;Wen-Hwa Chen

Key Words

Finite Element Method ; Boundary Element Method ; Piezoelectric Buzzer



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1997(1997 / 05 / 17)

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163 - 171

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English Abstract

The piezoelectric buzzer is a typical acoustic device that contains a driven piezoelectric transducer in the resonator to radiate the sound through an opening to the exterior space. The essential design of the buzzer is to construct the resonant frequency of resonator to match the piezoelectric transducer. In this paper, an iterative approach combining the finite element method (FEM) and boundary element method (BEM) is applied to deal with the acoustic system of the buzzer. The three-dimensional isoparametric acoustic finite element and planar acoustic boundary element are employed for modeling the interior and exterior domains, respectively. The acoustic impedance which is determined by an eigen admittance matrix of BEM governing equations developed is compatible at the interface between the interior and exterior domains. The sound resonant frequency response of the piezoelectric buzzer is predicted. Good comparisons between the present computed and experimental results are drawn.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
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