A Constrained Global Optimization Technique Design of Laminated Composite Plates for Optimal Dynamic Characteristics

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賴峰民(F. M. Lai);金大仁(T. Y. Kam)

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1998(1998 / 05 / 08)

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317 - 320

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The lamination arrangements of moderately thick laminated composite plates for optimal dynamic characteristics are studied using a constrained multi-start global optimization technique. In the optimization process, the dynamical analysis of laminated composite plates is accomplished by utilizing a shear deformable laminated composite finite element, in which the exact expressions for determining shear correction actors were adopted, and the modal damping model constructed based on an energy concept. The optimal layups of laminated composite plates with maximum modal damping are then designed by maximizing modal damping capacity of the plate using the multi-start global optimization technique. The effects of length-to-thickness ratio, aspect ratio, end number of layer groups upon the optimum fiber orientations or layer group thicknesses are investigated by means of a number of examples of the design of symmetrically laminated composite plates.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
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