Non-shellfish Chitosan from the Fruiting Body Residue of Ganoderma Tsugae for long-lasting Antibacterial guided-tissue Regeneration Barriers




Chien-Chung Chen;Li-Wen Cheh;Jen-Chang Yang;Chih-Mong Tsai;En-Sheng Keh;Ming-Thau Sheu;Ching-Hua Su;Hsiang-Hsi Hong;Che-Tong Lin;Sheng-Yang Lee

Key Words

Ganoderma tsugae ; sacchachitin ; chitosan ; guided-tissue regeneration GTR


Journal of Dental Sciences

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2卷1期(2007 / 03 / 01)

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19 - 29

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English Abstract

Microbial control plays an important role in the clinical efficacy of dental practice. The purpose of this study was to develop a long-lasting antibacterial guided-tissue regeneration (GTR) barrier containing the non-shellfish chitosan from the fruiting body residue of Ganoderma tsugae. The powder of ground up G. tsugae fruiting body residue was processed to prepare the chitosan. The molecular weight, degree of deacetylation (DD), and yield of these non-shellfish chitosan derivatives were characterized. This material was also combined with other biomaterials to prepare polylactic acid (PLA)/Chitosan/amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) GTR barrier films for periodontal applications. By washing with deionized water, these GTR films were coagulated from the lactic acid solution. The film morphology was investigated using scanning electron microscopy, and the antibacterial function was also evaluated. The yields and DDs of the sacchachitin and chitosan were 39%±1% and 1%±0.2%, and 25%±2% and 68%±2%, respectively. Tests for chitosan against Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans showed that the antibacterial ability of the GTR barrier films, containing 2.08wt% of the resultant chitosan, was 2.25 times higher, compared to 5wt% doxycycline after the 8th day. The GTR barrier film maintained 56.58% of its antibacterial ability after the 18th day. We concluded that sacchachitin and chitosan from G. tsugae fruiting body residues possess excellent, long-lasting antibacterial function for potential dental applications.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 牙科與口腔科