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"Animal" Fantom




孫松榮(Song-Yong Sing)

Key Words

再—現 ; 理念構造 ; 動物 ; 動物性 ; 形體 ; 能量形體 ; 變形 ; 幽靈 ; 缺席的缺席 ; Re-Presentation ; Ideation ; Animal ; Animality ; Figure ; Figural ; Metamorphosis ; Fantom ; Absence of Absence



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82期(2008 / 04 / 01)

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151 - 164

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

Cinema, as an artistic form of so called ”re-presentation” of mankind, involves referring not only to the procedure of ”transformation”, but also the process of ”ideation”. If the proposition that cinema has its ”animal” essence or ”animality” is permissible, what models of sound and image as well as patterns of ideation will the cinema re-present? This thesis tries to perform three descriptive, analytic and hermeneutic studies concerning to the thematic, figurative and energetic dimensions (i.e. the dimension of non-human and non-animal, the dimension between humanity and ”animality”, and the dimension of ”animality” which is destructive to humanity) through the re-presentations and processes of ideation towards the issue of ”animal” or ”animality” shown in different genre, films and types.

Topic Category 人文學 > 藝術
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