A Novel Superconducting Transition Radiation Detector for Relativistic High Energy Particles

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C. Y. Huang;C. P. Chen;Luke C. L. Yuan;S. C. Lee;G. Waysand;P. Perrier;D. Limagne;V. Jeudy;T. Girard

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15期(2001 / 06 / 01)

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59 - 64

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For measuring accurately the energy of relativistic high energy charged particles, we have constructed a novel transition radiation detector (TRD) utilizing superheated superconducting microspheres of tin with diameters in the range of 20-40 μm In order to enhance transition radiation for higher sensitivity, the TRD is in a special dilution refrigerator operated at~100 mK. Test has been conducted in a high energy electron beam facility at the CERN PS in the energy range of 1-10 GeV showing an energy dependence of the TR X-ray photon produced and hence the value γ=E/mc^2 of the charged particle.

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