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Engineering Education and Engineer Incubation




陳義揚(Yih-Young Chen)

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工程教育 ; 工程師培育 ; 大學系所評鑑 ; 工程及科技教育認證 ; 認證規範 ; 工程通識課程 ; Engineering education ; Engineer incubation ; Department and graduate institute evaluation ; Engineering and technological education accreditation ; Accreditation code ; Engineering general education course



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22期(2008 / 06 / 01)

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1 - 6

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Chinese Abstract

教育部全面實施大學系所評鑑,本校各系所已於96年度下半年接受第三梯次評鑑,尚待高教評鑑中心公告評鑑結果。本校工學院化工、機械、紡織三學系申請參加工程教育認證,並預計於三年內完成工學院五系二所之認證作業。工程教育認證計有八項認證規範,其中最重要的是「學系教育目標的訂定」與「畢業生核心能力的檢核」,而達成上項標的的關鍵則在於學系之課程規劃及組成。 我國大學各工學院的工程教育有趨於「科學化」的現象,不利於工學院培育工程師的目標,值得檢討與省思。工程師培育應有「知識廣博」及「融入社會」的思維,並具備「不獨鍾研究、不偏重理論、不強調深度」的三不原則。工學院作為工程師培育的搖籃,除了專業與技術課程外,亟需思考規劃開授工程通識課程的必要性。

English Abstract

The Ministry of Education is executing the Evaluation for all departments of universities and colleges. The departments and graduate institutes of Chinese Culture University were evaluated during late October and early November of 2007. The results of this evaluation will be announced in near future. Departments of Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Textile Engineering are participating the Engineering Education Accreditation (EEA) in 2008, and other departments and graduate institutes of the College of Engineering (COE) are expected to complete EEA within 3 years. Among 8 Accreditation Codes (AC's) of EEA, ”Department Educational Goals” and ”Graduates Core Capabilities” are most essential. In order to fulfill the above mentioned targets, Course Planning and Composition plays the key role. The Engineering Education is facing ”Scientification” for almost all COE's in Taiwan, which is not beneficial to the goals of Engineering Education of COE's. This tendency needs to be discussed and corrected. Erudition and Socialization are two main factors behind Engineering Education. Therefore there are 3 basic principles namely, Teaching-oriented, Practical-oriented and Broad-oriented, proposed for Engineering Education. The COE serves as the cradle of Engineering Education. Other than the professional and technical courses taught in COE, planning to offer engineering general education courses is urgent and necessary.

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