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The Exploration of Printing Industry in the Development Strategies of International Trade




廖信(Shin Liao);葉振璧(Jenn-Bih Yeh);潘怡臻(Yi-Chen Pan)

Key Words

印刷業 ; 國際貿易 ; 包裝印刷 ; 發展策略 ; Printing Industry ; International Trade ; Packaging Printing ; Development Strategies



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2012(2012 / 06 / 01)

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407 - 417

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With the rising of different kind of fancy digital media, the needs of culture printing are decreasing. Many printing industries are trying to seek the opportunities of developing international trade business with other countries. Considering of the dense population and limited resources of Taiwan, this is one of the most important developing strategies for Taiwanese companies. Through the interview method, this study is trying to understand the trading method of Taiwanese printing companies and to analysis the advantages, opportunities of it. The study finds that Taiwanese printing companies provides various kinds of products to service the customers around the world. The numbers of products in ”packing printing” and ”post printing” are ranked highest. At the end, the study concludes four development strategies are: 1) Active participation in international exhibitions, 2) Establish Standard Operation Procedure, 3) Stable printing quality, obtaining international certification, 4) Master the key technology.

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