ISO 12647-2標準印刷品上光後ICC profile色彩差異之研究

Translated Titles

Color Differences in the ICC Profile for Printed Matter after Varnishing by ISO 12647-2 Standard




林盟杰(Meng-Chieh Lin);吳文和(Wen-Ho Wu);王希俊(Hsi-Chun Alister Wang)

Key Words

ISO12647-2 ; 上光 ; 色彩差異 ; IS0 12647-2 standard ; varnishing ; color difference



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2012(2012 / 06 / 01)

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49 - 61

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Chinese Abstract

本文提出以ISO 12647-2標準印製之ECI2002印刷測試導具樣張,製作印刷機色彩描述檔,探討及分析印刷品上光前後色彩模型L值區間及△E的差異情形;再透過經色彩管理校正後之噴墨設備,使用數位方式模擬上光之ECI2002標準測試導具樣張,再量測及建立模擬上光前後之數位樣色彩模型,分析數位樣模擬上光色彩模型L值區間及△E的差異情形。其目的在建立上光前後色彩模型,具體掌握色彩差異變化,並實現對上光製程之色彩控制。本研究分析結果發現:印刷樣上光前後色彩模型△L2=11.22,△a2=4.35,△b2=4.97,平均△E =4.20;數位樣模擬上光前後色彩模型△L2=9.90,△a2=5.55,△b2=6.07,平均△E =4.21,另發現上光後L值60至90區間下降較明顯。可知在ISO 12647-2色彩標準能建立一種有效的上光模擬色彩階調複製方法,印刷品打樣不必經過上光去看色彩變化,即可利用色彩描述檔模擬上光作數位打樣。本研究成果將有助於後續對於上光製程色彩預測,對於色彩管理是相當可行之應用。

English Abstract

This paper is to construct ICC profile for printed ECI2002 sample by ISO 12647-2 standard. It discussed and analyzed the differences of the color model for L value and △E before and after varnishing. In accordance with the inkjet printing device through color management, the printed ECI2002 sample is simulated the varnishing process in a digital way. It will establish the digital simulation for printed sample from ICC profile model. Then the differences of the color model for L value and △E are analyzed before and after varnishing process. The objectives are to establish the color model before and after varnishing process, specifically to quantify the changes in color difference, and to realize the color control and prediction of varnishing process. The results show that the printed samples before and after varnishing process yield color model with △L2 = 11.22, △a2 = 4.35, △b2 = 4.97, and average △E = 4.20; the digital simulation for samples before and after the simulated varnishing process yield color model with △L2 = 9.90, △a2 = 5.55, △b2 = 6.07, and average △E = 4.21, respectively. It was also found that the L value at 60-90 interval decrease more after varnishing process. The printed sample by ISO 12647-2 standard can establish an effective simulation for varnishing process. It is not necessary to apply the varnishing process on the printed sample to obtain the color changes, and the proposed method can use the color profile to simulate the varnishing process for digital proofing. The result of this research will have many potential applications for color management.

Topic Category 工程學 > 工程學總論
社會科學 > 傳播學
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