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The Application of Wireless Technology on LED Road Illumination System Implementation





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LED路燈系統 ; Zigbee技術 ; GPRS無線通訊 ; Wireless Sensor Network WSN ; LED road illumination ; Zigbee Technology ; GPRS networking ; Wireless sensor Network



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47期(2011 / 04 / 01)

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123 - 143

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Chinese Abstract

近年來,能源消耗已給人類帶來危機感,再加上目前全球各式各樣能源價格飛漲,節能和環保已是大勢所趨,全世界國家在照明領域中,採用新型節能光源、節能電器及高效燈具來達到節約電能的目的,已紛紛要求廠商對使用設備與裝置必須滿足節能需求,否則產品進軍國際市場愈加困難。以往使用傳統系統及被控裝置始終存在能源浪費的問題,如傳統路燈對使用燈光設備和附件亮度無法即時控制、維修、維護和對路燈漏電,故障,停電無法即時監測回報、對燈光動態變化無法即時進行調控,因而造成能源的浪費。本研究針對此路燈控制及能源節約之複雜問題,以無線科技及控制技術對此一問題提供一縱合性解決方案。此解決方案包括Zigbee技術,GPRS的無線通訊,Wireless Sensor Network(WSN)技術及智能化邏輯控制技術。本文中包含學理架構,技術應用程序及實驗結果説明。

English Abstract

Recently, the issues of energy consuming and saving are the major concerns for energy related researches; particularly, environmental security is also the major trend for most developing countries in fortifying their energy policies. Therefore, most government administrations set higher standards regarding to energy related facilities or equipments. As a good example, a road illumination systems also faces the harsher regulations to be designed or implemented. Any company who fails to achieve this goal will not survive in the market competition. Hence, this research will provide a comprehensive technical solution to resolve the LED road illumination energy saving issues. This resolution is based on Zigbee technology, GPRS wireless networking, and Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) to form an intelligent control environment which will monitor the overall energy saving and performance of a road illumination system.

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