基于Ether CAT的液晶驱动测试数字化管理技术

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Digital management technology of LCD driver chip test based on EtherCAT


刘春来;北京自动测试技术研究所 集成电路测试技术北京市重点实验室 北京 100088;刘春来;张东

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液晶显示驱动芯片 ; 数字化管理 ; 芯片测试 ; 工业以太网 ; LCD driver chip ; digital management ; chip test ; EtherCAT



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2016年 10期(2016 / 11 / 28)

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1 - 5

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Chinese Abstract

液晶屏显示驱动芯片测试环节贯穿在显示驱动芯片的设计、制造与应用的全过程中,是保证芯片品质的重要手段。由于测试系统需要匹配的驱动芯片型号较多,单个型号芯片的测试项以及测试信号数量巨大,若使用人工记录的方式,则测试效率低下,管理成本高昂。有必要针对整个测试系统开发数字化管理技术,利用该技术可以将系统中所有的设备、人员、数据进行数字化管理。为实现数据交换的实时性和高效性,系统采用了工业以太网 EtherCAT技术,实现服务器与设备客户端的紧密工作。经验证表明,通过使用这些技术,能够提高记录测试历史数据的方便性、快捷性、提高系统可扩展性,使得系统只需添加设备客户端或给客户端添加硬件模块并升级系统软件,便可方便的完成系统升级。

English Abstract

LCD drive chip testing throughout the whole design ,manufacturing and application process ,the chip test is an important means to ensure the quality of the drive chip .Because the test system needs to match many different models of the driver chip ,the test items and test signals of a single model chip are huge ,if use the way of manual record ,the test efficiency will be low and management costs will be high .It is necessary to develop digital management technology for the whole test system under this situation ,the test equipment ,persons and data can be managed through using this new technology .In order to make the data exchange real‐time and efficient ,the EtherCAT technology has been used in this system .After that ,the client of the equipment and server can work closely .The test of system shows that the technology can conveniently record the data in the test process ;it also has strong scalability ,if want to update the whole system only need to add client device or hardware module and upgrade of the system software .

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