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The Reconstruction of Marketing System Based on Big Data



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大数据 ; 大数据营销 ; 营销体系 ; 营销管理 ; 经济管理研究 ; big data ; big data marketing ; marketing system ; marketing mangagement



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2015年 05期(2015 / 11 / 16)

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64 - 67

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As the IT industry the noun,“Internet of things“ and “cloud computing“ have been familiar with by people,but now,the “big data“ came into the field of vision,to influence people's life.For marketing and advertising,big data are a deconstruction of traditional system,and bring brand-new possibility through refactoring.“Marketing management” is art with science,and through the selection of target market,to create, deliver,transmist quality customer value to obtain and retain and increase customers.And the data used throughout the entire marketing process,are essential to the marketing effect.Three platforms were built:fami-ly,individual and community platform, using all media precision marketing,implementing the data transition and developing a new space for development in time.

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