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Study on Control Strategy of Unsafe Psychology of the Workers in Coal Mine Enterprise



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煤矿企业员工 ; 不安全心理 ; 控制策略 ; coal mine enterprise workers ; unsafe psychology ; control strategy



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2017年 10期(2017 / 06 / 06)

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24 - 27

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In order to reduce the occurrence of coal mine accidents, the psychological cause model of accident phenomenon was established based on analyzing the factors of affecting employees' unsafe psychology, and the specific measures were proposed to control the employees' unsafe psychology. The results showed that: the employees' unsafe psychology of coal mining enterprises is the main factor leading to the occurrence of coal mine accidents; adverse operating environment, behavior environmental, management environment and living environment can induce employees' unsafe psychology. By increasing investment in safety, improving the working environment, caring about the staff living environment and adopting scientific management methods, the employee's unsafe psychology can be controlled effectively.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 經濟學