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Fossil Assemblages and Sedimental Environments in Shan-kan-shan Profile, Tsailiao, Tainan


謝英宗(Ying-Tzung Shieh);謝凱旋(Kai-Shuan Shea)

Key Words

化石 ; 沉積環境 ; 超微生物地層 ; 菜寮 ; 臺南 ; fossil ; sedimentary environment ; nannobiostratigraphy ; Tsailiao ; Tainan



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62卷3期(2009 / 09 / 01)

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1 - 26

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Chinese Abstract

臺南左鎮菜寮地區以產有豐富脊椎動物化石聞名,且更新世海陸相地層的交錯堆積,使該地區在臺灣第四紀古沉積環境的研究上,及在亞洲古動物族群的演化上都具有相當重要的地位,但過去本區的陸相動物化石多採自河床,因此較不具備地層對比及生物演化之意義。本文針對上述問題在三炭山剖面進行化石種類、沉積環境和超微化石生物地層的研究,以了解其間之關係。研究結果顯示,本剖面應在NN 1 9超微化石生物帶Pseudoemiliania lacunosa亞帶內。而由岩相組合顯示,本剖面的底部為低海水面時期,之後逐漸轉為灣口三角洲環境,其堆積環境主要受多次遷移特性的河流作用所影響。其出土之化石不但種類繁多,數量亦非常可觀,而陸相、海相、淡水相化石混雜出現, 應與沉積環境有關。

English Abstract

Emergent staggered Pleistocene terrestrial and marine sediments are evident in the Tsailiao area, Tainan, making the region important in Quaternary sedimentary-environment research. The discovery of mammalian fossils in this region also means the area might be key to understanding Asian animal evolution. However, since many of the terrestrial animal fossils were collected from riverbeds, their significance in terms of stratigraphic correlation in understanding biological evolution has been reduced. In this paper, we try to understand the relation between fossil assemblages, sedimental environments, and nannofossil biostratigraphy in the Shan-kan-shan profile. The results indicate that this section belongs to the NN19 Pseudoemiliania lacunosa subzone. Lithofacies show the bottom of the section to have come into being during the lower seawater period, with evidence of transference to a bay-delta-estuary environment when the sea level rose. Environmental changes were mainly affected by channel migration of rivers. In terms of the fossils discovered, not only has the variety been great, but also the number. The sedimentary environment has evidence of a mixture of terrestrial, marine, and fresh water fossils.

Topic Category 人文學 > 中國文學
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