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Ownership Structure, Board of Directors' Governance and Top Management Fraud in Listed Companies-Empirical Analysis Based on Chinese Cases


周好文(Hao-Wen Zhou);李纪建(Ji-Jian Li);刘婷婷(Ting-Ting Liu)

Key Words

上市公司 ; 股权结构 ; 董事会 ; 高管违规 ; Listed companies ; Ownership structure ; Board of directors' governance ; Top management fraud



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28卷6期(2006 / 11 / 15)

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71 - 79

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Chinese Abstract


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Numerous top management frauds have attracted extensive attention in Chinese listed companies. This paper examines the relation between top management fraud, ownership structure and board of directors' governance. Based on selected 31 cases from fraud companies through 2004-2006, we conduct an empirical study with binary Logistic Regression. We find that equity concentration has a positive correlation with top management fraud, that board scale, top management salary, education background and internal control have significant relation with fraud. The paper gives some theoretic explanation and proposes a tentative solution.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 經濟學