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A Review of Research on the Attempt to Normalize the Salt Trade between Myanmar and Yunnan during the Anti-Japanese War



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抗战时期 ; 缅甸食盐 ; 云南 ; 正常化 ; the Anti-Japanese War ; Myanmar salt ; Yunnan ; normalization



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2015卷3期(2015 / 09 / 17)

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50 - 56

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Table salt played an important role in Yunnan government administrative affairs and the local people’s daily life. Myanmar salt had been privately sold in large quantity in Tengchong and Longling, of Yunnan owing to its superior quality and competitive price since the period of Guangxu Regime, Qing Dynasty, which resulted in negative impact around Tenchong and Longlin areas. Therefore, in the period of Anti-Japanese War period, Yunnan government gave up the previous block-up smuggling salt and tried to legalize the salt trade between Myanmar and Yunnan, hoping that the people in the border areas could have easier way to buy table salt while salt taxation problems could get resolved. The government attempt finally failed because the current political situation got changing.

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