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Camping in Taiwan: The Period of Martial Law to 2018




董孟修(Meng-Hsiu Tung)

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活動理論 ; 戒嚴時期 ; 質性研究 ; 週休二日 ; Activity theory ; Period of martial law ; Qualitative research ; Two-day weekend



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32卷4期(2019 / 12 / 01)

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91 - 121

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Camping is a popular outdoor recreation activity in Taiwan. This study referenced activity theory to describe the camping activity from the Martial Law period to 2018. In-depth interviews were conducted with 34 participants. This study extracted three periods of camping activity in Taiwan: (1) The martial law period: Camping activities mainly involved scouting activities, China Youth Corps activities, and scouting lessons for junior high schools; (2) The post-martial law period: Civil camping community and college students participated in camping activities. Family camping activities gradually developed; (3) The period of the two-day weekend: Camping activities became more popular with the introduction of campgrounds, camping equipment, and technology. Camping activities were varied to suit people's purposes. This study also referenced activity theory to analyze camping activity trends of subject (community), campground, camping equipment, objects, rules, government management, and proposed future research directions.

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