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The impact on tourism and health management of the MERS-CoV outbreak in 2015





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中東呼吸症候群 ; 冠狀病毒感染 ; 旅遊衝擊 ; 健康管理 ; Middle East respiratory syndrome ; coronavirus infections ; tourism impact ; health management



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36卷4期(2017 / 08 / 15)

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412 - 422

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Chinese Abstract

目標:2015年5月至7月間南韓爆發中東呼吸症候群冠狀病毒感染症(Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infections)流行疫情,病例及死亡人數快速累積,嚴重的疫情重挫南韓經濟及旅遊業。本研究檢視南韓疫情期間,台灣出入境旅遊人數的衝擊相關影響,闡述國內防治作為及衛教民眾自我健康管理的重要性。方法:利用搜尋引擎以關鍵字「中東呼吸症候群冠狀病毒感染症」相關字串蒐集事件報導及文獻,分析南韓MERS-CoV疫情衝擊我國旅遊產業。結果:MERS-CoV疫情影響包含旅遊、航空運輸、經濟貿易、衛生政策及防疫機制等。我國防治策略包括:成立應變小組,加強疫情監視與風險評估等策略,確保國內防疫與國人健康。結論:疫情影響觀光旅遊產業,凸顯國際疫病藉由運輸傳播的危機,引發國際間旅遊秩序的改變。經由正確的疫情評估、實施有效策略及加強民眾健康管理策略,建立自我健康管理的共識,共同對抗傳染病帶來的考驗與挑戰。

English Abstract

Objectives: An epidemic of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERSCoV) erupted in South Korea from May to July 2015. This research focused on the impact of the number of inbound and outbound tourists in Taiwan, elaboration of strategies for domestic prevention and control, and the importance of self-health management during the serious epidemic in South Korea. Methods: We used the search engine with keywords “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Infection “and related words to identify events, reports, and the relevant literature. We analyzed the impact of theMERS-CoV epidemic in South Korea on the domestic tourism industry. Results: The MERS-CoV epidemic influenced t travel, air transportation, economics, trade, health policy and mechanisms for the prevention of epidemics. In response to the MERS-CoV epidemic, the government set up an emergency task force and strengthened surveillance and risk assessment strategies in order to ensure domestic safety and public health. Conclusions: The epidemic affected the tourism industry which magnified the crisis as the international epidemic spread through the transportation system and triggered changes in international tourism. With an accurate assessment of the epidemic, effective strategies and the strengthening of people’s health management strategies, the government can ensure the health management of the public and fight the challenge of epidemic diseases.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 預防保健與衛生學
醫藥衛生 > 社會醫學
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