Quadriplegia and Ischemic Stroke after Neck Lymph Node Dissection in a Papillary Thyroid Cancer Patient

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陳昱光(Yu-Kuang Chen);施智凱(Chih-Kai Shih)

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缺血性中風 ; 頸部淋巴結廓清術 ; 四肢偏癱 ; 脊椎損傷 ; 甲狀腺癌 ; ischemic stroke ; neck lymph node dissection ; quadriplegia ; spinal cord injury ; thyroid cancer


The Changhua Journal of Medicine

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14卷1期(2016 / 03 / 01)

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21 - 25

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Chinese Abstract

一位46 歲的女性被安排接受頸部淋巴結廓清術。病患在術後發生四肢偏癱與失語症。核磁共振影像發現急性頸椎損傷與急性缺血性中風。頸部伸張與低血壓事件可能造成此次神經學事件。術前檢查時應評估頸部活動性與影像學檢查。早期診斷與治療神經學事件不只能促進恢復狀況亦可避免進一步惡化。

English Abstract

A 46-year-old female was scheduled for neck lymph node dissection. The patient suffered from quadriplegia and aphasia after the surgery. Acute cervical spine injury with acute ischemic stroke was indicated by MRI images. Neck extension and hypotensive episodes may together have contributed to the neurologic insult. Assessment of limitation of neck mobility and image examination should be performed at the preoperative stage. Early diagnosis and treatment of neurologic insult may not only improve patient recovery, but may also prevent further deterioration.

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