The Regulation of p53 Isoforms

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2013年论文集(2013 / 05)

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92 - 92

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The Tp53 gene encodes at least 12 p53 protein isoforms, due to the presence of an internal promoter in intron-4, additional splice variants of intron-9 and the alternative initiation of translation at codon 40, codon 133 and codon 160, which leads to the expression of full-length (FL) p53, p53β, p53γ,△ 40p53, △40p53β, △40p53γ, △133p53α, △133p53β, △133p53γ, △160p53α, △ 160p53β and △160p53γ.These isoforms have been shown to be expressed at the mRNA level, to varying degrees, in a number of different normal and tumor tissues.Their proteins have been shown to have important functions in regulating cell senescence and apoptosis.

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