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The Disaster Prevention Strategy of Mountain Tourism Industry In Taian Township, Miaoli County



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山地聚落 ; 觀光業 ; 客製化防災策略 ; mountain area ; tourism industries ; customized disaster prevention policy



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Weather-related disasters happen more and more frequently than before around the globe. The natural catastrophes have profoundly affected human’s society and economic activities, moreover, the financial loss on the two aforementioned has exceeded the damage that military conflict could incur. In which, natural catastrophes have replaced military conflicts as a priority threat and challenge for national security. Our government has implemented” Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change in Taiwan” to deal with the potential damage caused by climate change. It illustrates that the highly environmental sensitive and vulnerable mountain areas should be marked as high-risk regions, therefore the adaptive capacities of those areas need to be reinforced and strengthened in preparation for weather-related disasters. However, in the view of high profit and economic prosperity, businessmen have kept invested money on building hotels and guesthouses in Taian township, Miaoli County in recent years. The increasingly frequency of extreme climates have not only pose a threat to the residents in mountain areas but also to the tourism industries and tourists. Based on our investigation into this area, the access route is prone to dangers caused by natural disasters than the areas where hotels converging together. Even though many vendors in hotel industry adopt evacuation plan as their primary emergency measure, according to 44% respondents we interviewed, should the traffic be interrupted, the workplace would not be sufficient for daily needs of each person living in that area. Moreover, the local disaster prevention and rescue system do not share the direct communication channel with the vendors in Taian industry. Therefore, the vendors could not gain the early warning to prevent and lower the damage brought by the debacle. When the traffic is interrupted by the natural catastrophes, it becomes even harder for the relief workers to provide necessary help to the local vendors because the vendors do not understand and cannot accurately analyze the overall situation. In conclusion, the government should coalesce with local unofficial vendors to simulate and customize the best disaster prevention measures for the certain region.

Topic Category 農業暨自然資源學院 > 水土保持學系所
生物農學 > 生物環境與多樣性
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