利用簡訊即時通知檢驗報告已完成給病人對於縮短回診時間之評估 ─ 以桃園某基層衛生機構為例

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Use Short Message Service Immediately Notify The Laboratory Report To Reduce Revisit Time For The Patient ─ in Taoyuan One Public Health Center





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成人健診 ; 簡訊 ; 受委託實驗室 ; 回診時間 ; adult health check ; SMS ; the referral laboratory ; revisit time



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Chinese Abstract

本研究以桃園縣蘆竹鄉衛生所符合成人健診資格者,願意留下手機號碼於檢驗報告完成後,由受委託實驗室主動發送簡訊通知回診看報告,並統計2011年1∼5月份之病人回診時間的資料,以資料庫分析做為研究工具。 本研究之主要發現如下: 一、 研究分析結果顯示,簡訊通知對於縮短病人回診時間有顯著差異。 二、 回診看報告不因年齡、性別而有影響。 根據本研究結果,建議醫療機構推行衛生政策方案時,如何讓民眾能深切感受到衛生機構對民眾的用心與服務,運用資訊化的方式與選擇能提供更多服務的受委託實驗室,將是檢驗報告品質保證的要求之外,針對服務層面的提升。

English Abstract

In this study, The patient meet adult health check qualifications in Taoyuan Lu Chu public health center are willing to leave a phone number, In the total report is completed by the referral laboratory initiative to send SMS notification back to the public health center to see reports and statistics from January 2011 to May 2011, the patient back to the clinic time information to a database analysis as a research tool. Major findings of this study are as follows: 1. The study results show that SMS notification back to the clinic for shortening the revisit time for the patients are significantly different. 2. Back to the public health center to see the report not because of age, gender and influential. Results of this study, the proposed health care institutions to implement policies and programs, how to make the public health center can deeply feel the dedication and service to the people, the way the use of information technology to provide more services and choice of the referral laboratory, will be quality assurance test report requirements, for service level improvement.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 醫院管理與醫事行政
公共衛生學院 > 醫務管理學研究所
社會科學 > 管理學
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