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Stress Evolution during the Island Coal Face Roadway Excavation



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孤岛工作面 ; 数值模拟 ; 巷道 ; 应力分布 ; 价值应用 ; island coal face ; numerical simulation ; roadway ; stress distribution ; VALUE APPLICATION



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2017年 19期(2017 / 07 / 13)

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169 - 170

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In this paper, according to the geological conditions of a mine in Shandong, it used FLAC3D numerical simulation software to simulate the 1307 island working face and the stress evolution law of the two sides of the working face during mining. The analysis shows that the track transports and the strong-belt conveyer are in a state of high stress concentration and the stress concentration factor is around 2.08; in the isolated working face, around t the track transports and the strong-belt conveyer are at the high stress concentration, and the peak value of stress of the mining sides is saddle shaped, and the maximum stress concentration factor is 2.53. Through the simulation analysis, it can provide important reference for the location and support of roadway support.

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