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闌尾炎 妊娠

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Fourteen patients underwent appendectomy during pregnacy. The clinical presentation of acute appendicitis is altered during gestation, and diagnosis becomes increasingly difficult when close to term. Abdominal pain, nausea, anorexia and vomiting are important symptoms. Peritoneal signs occurred at the right lower quadrant and entire right side are more common locations. Leukocytosis with WBC count>18000/cumm and prolonged symptomatic duration (> 24 hours) were indications that appendiceal perforation might have occurred. In the group of one patient with perforation, there was no maternal death or fetal loss. Prompt diagnosis is the cornerstone of a good outcome, and early surgical intervention is indicated if acute appendicitis is suspected. Pregnancy is not a reason to delay surgery. Close fetal monitoring after the operation is mandatory and reduces the occurrence of fetal or maternal loss.

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acute appendicitis pregnancy