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The Impact of Mathematics Background and Gender on the Choice of Major in Taiwan's Senior High School



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Historical data indicate a significant and persistent gap between male and female choice of major in Taiwan’s high schools. This study examines the effects of parental socioeconomic status on the choice of major, with special attention to gender disparity and its interaction with other factors. Furthermore, using the newly released panel data from the Taiwan Education Panel Survey (TEPS), we are able to investigate the potential influence of a student’s past math achievement on the choice of major and further analyze the difference between male and female students. While math achievement is the most important factor among all variables in determining the choice of major, the impact of math is not consistent across gender. Our results indicate that the differences in endowments account for only 16%-21% of the overall gender gap. Still a considerable portion of the gender gap cannot be explained. Thus, it is inappropriate to attribute the gender difference in choice of major solely to math ability.


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