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Analysis of Airflow Patterns in a Prefabricated Cold Store (Ⅱ): Computer Modeling


冷藏庫內的溫度分佈會影響農產品的品質,而溫度的分佈又直接受到流場的影響,因此,如何描述和預測冷藏庫內的流場是很重要的。在第一部份的報告中曾探討組合式冷藏庫量測與分析的結果。 本文以電腦模擬組合式冷藏庫內的流場特性,並與前文使用三維超音波風速計量測的結果比較。以FLOW-3D軟體建立冷藏庫內氣流和熱傳的模式,詳細的探討冷藏庫內各個不同截面的平均流速和溫度分佈等,而數值模擬的結果顯示流場和溫度場在分佈趨勢上很符合實驗的量測結果。本研究結果不僅可了解冷藏庫內氣流動態,也可利用預測模式提供流場有效的改善方法。

Parallel abstracts

In a cold store, the distribution of temperature that could affect qualitiesof product is influenced by the flow patterns directly. Therefore, it is very important to describe and predict the flow patterns in a cold store. In our previous paper the flow patterns and temperature distributions are analyzed with data measured in a full scale prefabricated cold store. Numerical approaches are discussed in this study to investigate the air flow characteristics in a prefabricated cold store, and results are compared with experimental data that obtained by measurements with a three dimensional ultrasonic anemometer. Modeling of the airflow and heat transfer in the clod store is completed by FLOW-3D computer package. Mean airflow patterns and emperature distributions in various sections of the cold store are discussed indetail. Numerical simulation shows good agreement in both of airflow patterns and temperature distribution. The current founding is not only significant for understanding the airflow behavior in cold stories but also important in improving the modeling method for airflow predictions.