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Development on an Acclimatization Chamber for Grafted Seedlings


本研究目的旨在設計一癒合養生裝置,提供給嫁接苗一個良好的癒合環境,藉此提升嫁接苗品質,並可節省大量的管理人力。研製之癒合養生裝置以使用5公分厚之冷藏庫板組合而成,大小爲352×180×210 cm。以使用穴盤爲72格來計算,每次約可同時進行5,760株苗的癒合管理。癒合養生裝置內部之高低溫差約1℃、相對濕度差約3.6%、內循環可達0.21 m/s以下之微風速要求,因此內部環境相差很小。癒合養生裝置可控制溫、濕度和光週時間,設計之控制系統具有外氣調節功能,當外氣環境條件符合設定,則控制系統將打開換氣側窗進行通風,利用外氣來調節癒合室內的環境條件,將室內的環境控制在目標區內。如此,將可降低系統之操作成本;當外氣條件不適合嫁接苗癒合環境,則癒合室將形成一封閉控制系統。嫁接苗在癒合室進行三天的初步癒合,其存活率爲97.5%,略高於傳統栽培(對照組)的95.7%。每千株苗三天癒合之電費成本約台幣8.9元。

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The objective of this study is to develop an acclimatization chamber to provide a suitable curing environment for seedlings after grafting. The dimension of the acclimatization chamber is 352×180×210cm, with a 5cm-thick insulation. The chamber has a capacity of 5,760 seedlings if 72-cell trays are used. The uniformity of temperature, humidity, and wind speed distribution in the chamber was checked. It is noted that the temperature variation is about 1℃, RH variation is about 3.6%, and wind speed is lower than 0.21 m/s. The spatial variation of temperature, RH and wind speed in the chamber is little. Regarding the environmental control, if the weather conditions (temperature and relative humidity) are appropriate for grafted seedling curing, the ambient air is directed to regulate the chamber environment in order to save energy. Otherwise, the system will close the vents to form a close system, and the inner environmental control will be made. The survival ratio is 97.5% for seedlings kept in the chamber for 3 days after grafting, which is higher than that for the controlled seedlings, 95.7%, kept under protected cover after grafting. The operating cost due to electricity is US$0.27 per day per 1,000 seedlings.