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A Review of Human Development Stages and Studies on Aging: Data from Dissertations and Theses in Taiwan



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The purpose of this article is to review the conceptualization of human development stages and empirical studies on aging conducted in Taiwanese dissertations and theses between 1996 and 2012. Research on childhood and adolescence tends to focus on age differences, while studies of adulthood tend to focus on the influence of historical events and socialization. A review of Taiwanese dissertation and master's studies on aging shows that only one thesis was completed in 1996. However after 2005, there was an increase in studies on aging. These studies deal with a variety of topics, though they often do not provide sufficient depth or breadth. In addition, only one longitudinal study was reported during these 18 years. For future research, we strongly urge for more longitudinal studies and cross-ministry initiatives to coordinate medical care, human resource training, and research development, in order to establish databases of aging research in Taiwan.


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