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Tentative Research on the Ritual Music System in Kao Gong Ji




周官 考工記 禮制

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First of all, I observed and studied the relation between Zhou Rite "the winter official" (冬官) and "Sikong" (司空) , and "Sikong" (司空) was in charge of Zhou Rite "the winter official" 60 duties. However, Zhou Rite "Sikong" (司空) disappeared and was replaced with Kao Gong Ji because the spirit or structure of Kao Gong Ji is considered consistent with Zhou Rite . Therefore I inspected the circulation age of Zhou Rite and Kao Gong Ji in advance and then compared their relations. By the opinions of Guo Mo Jo and Chien Mu, I understand the two books were written in the Warring States time, but there are different point of views on the circulation nationality of Kao Gong Ji. So I adopt a version of Ruan Yuan Zhou Rite and refer to the explanatory notes and comments of Zheng Hsuan (鄭玄), Jia Kung Yan (賈公彥) ,and Sun Ijang (孫詒讓) to observe if these two books are the same. At Last I found the record of ritual music system in Kao Gong Ji is similar to Zhou Rite and knew the earliest handicraft industry literature in China that can be seen also presented the Ritual Music System of Zhou Dynasty. Therefore I believe the nationality where Zhou Rite and Kao Gong Ji circulated should be the same.

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Zhou Rite Kao Gong Ji The Ritual Music System