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Evaluation of Lactoferrin Concentrations in Goat Milk from Udder Inoculated with Staphylococcus aureus



本研究之目的為利用乳房內細菌接種以誘發羊隻產生非臨床位乳房炎後,監測乳中的乳鐵蛋白濃度變化,用以了解非臨床位乳房炎羊乳中的乳鐵蛋白濃度變化。試驗中選用初次泌乳且處於泌乳中期之兩頭阿爾拜因及兩頭薩能羊隻,實驗前於每頭羊之其中一個健康分房接種金黃色葡萄球菌,並檢測每日對照組及實驗組羊乳中的乳鐵蛋白濃度變化,進行兩週之實驗。所有羊乳樣本亦檢測其體細胞數目、生菌數、加州乳房炎試驗級數及乳產量。感染乳中的每日乳鐵蛋白濃度從低於30μg/mL(第1天)增加為1000μg/mL(第4天),隨後逐漸降低為100至300μg/mL(第10天),並保持此濃度至第14 天,而對照組羊乳之乳鐵蛋白濃度於實驗期間均維持一定濃度,約為30至100μg/mL。此外,感染組羊乳中的每日乳鐵蛋白濃度於第3天後顯著高於對照組中之濃度。另一方面,感染組羊乳中的每日體細胞數目和加州乳房炎試驗級數於第3天後亦顯著高於對照組羊乳。總結,當接種金黃色葡萄球菌於羊之乳房後,乳中的乳鐵蛋白濃度可升高10至100倍,而來自健康分房羊乳之乳中乳鐵蛋白濃度則維持在較低的一定範圍內。

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The purpose of this study is to monitor the variation of milk lactoferrin concentrations (LFC) during subclinical mastitis in dairy goats after an intramammary bacterial inoculation. Two Alpine and two Saanen lactating goats in mid-lactation of first lactation were used in this study. One of the healthy udder halves of each goat was inoculated with Staphylococcus aureus. Daily changes of lactoferrin concentration (LFC) in normal and subclinical mastitis milk were determined for two weeks. For comparison, all milk samples were also monitored for their somatic cell count (SCC). standard plate count (SPC). California mastitis test (CMT), and milk yields. Daily LFC of the infected milk increased from below 30μg/mL(day 1) to 1000μg/mL (day 4) and gradually decreased to 100 to 300 μg/mL (day 10). It remained at this level till the end of the experiment (day 14). In contrast, daily LFC in non-mastitis control milk were consistent at about 30 to 100 μg/mL for the 14 day-duration of the experiment. The LFC was significantly higher in the infected milk than that in normal milk after day 3. The SCC and CMT scores were also significantly higher in the infected milk as compared to that in the normal milk after day 3. In conclusion, inoculation of S. aureus into udder halves of goat resulted in a 10 to 100 folds increase of milk LFC, but the LFC in milk from healthy goats were constantly found to be at low and steady levels.

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