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Nursing Experience of Caring for a Case Undergoing Hemodialysis for the First Time Due to Drug Abuse



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This article discusses the nursing experience of a patient who required hemodialysis treatment for kidney failure caused by long-term drug abuse and the associated physical, psychological, and social shocks during hospitalization and dialysis after hospital discharge. From January 8, 2019 to March 30, 2019, Roy’s adaptation model of nursing was used to collect relevant information through techniques of direct care, physical assessment, observation, listening, interviews, and medical record review. Fluid overload, potentially dangerous infections, and response malfunction were observed in the patient. Meanwhile, acceptance therapy was used to establish a good nurse-patient relationship and to provide individualized as well as holistic care measures. The patient was provided knowledge on water control and catheter care to improve his self-care ability; social workers were also available for cross-team care. Furthermore, the patient was provided assistance in applying for long-term care 2.0 services, as well as for accessing resources from emergency subsidies, employment service stations, and private drug treatment groups to enable him to accept changes in his life caused by hemodialysis and to help him maintain a positive attitude toward life. It is recommended to schedule multi-disciplinary and cross-professional discussions, such as monthly cross-team discussions inviting private and government personnel to deliver lectures, on a regular basis to help the nursing staff make the best use of the different healthcare professionals to provide appropriate nursing care. The nursing experience reported here is expected to serve as a reference for future clinical care.


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