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A Study of the Effects of Ultra Violet Ray on the Skin


太陽光中之紫外線在到達地表之前,可經大氣中之臭氧層吸收掉大部分的紫外線,但近年因人為的持續破壞,使得臭氧層吸收紫外線的能力大幅降低,相較以往,能量更強之紫外線被投射到地表,引發皮膚損傷的機率有日漸上升的跡象。依據實驗上的研究結果顯示,過度照射紫外線,會引發皮膚細胞中之DNA的結構發生改變,形成一些photoproducts,如cyclobutane pyrimidine dimmers (CPDs)及pyrimidine-(6-4)-pyrimidones photoproducts [(6-4) PPs]等。一般正常人,可利用所謂的nucleotide excision repair (NER)之DNA修復機制,修補損傷的DNA,但如果此修復機制因基因突變,造成其功能性喪失,無法修複DNA時,即形成所謂的著色性乾皮病。皮膚過度照射紫外線,除會引發DNA的變異之外,於24小時後,會使皮膚産生發紅反應,經過3-4天後,也會引發黑色素的生成。通常要花數週時間才可恢復至原來的膚色。


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The majority of ultraviolet in the sunlight can be absorbed by the ozone layer in the atmosphere before it arrives on the surface of the earth. But in the recent years, the ability of the ozone layer to absorb the ultraviolet reduces substantially because of artificial destruction continually. And the ultraviolet with stronger energy, compare with before, irradiates on the surface of the earth, and initiates the probability of skin damages rising day by day. According to the result of experiment, it shows excessive irradiation under ultraviolet can induce the structurally changing of the DNA in the skin cell, and create some photoproducts. For example, cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (CPDs) and pyrimidine-(6-4)-pyrimidones photoproducts [(6-4) PPs] etc. In general, the normal person can repair damaged DNA by reconstructive mechanism of DNA, what is called nucleotide excision repair (NER). But if the function of this reconstructive mechanism lose and can not repair DNA. because of gene mutation, it will make the so-called xeroderma pigmentosum. Usually, it must spend several weeks then be possible to restore to the original skin color.

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