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Feasibility Study of Integrating Shared Parts and TRIZ in Product Creation - bike lights as an example




共用設計 模組化 TRIZ 自行車燈

Parallel abstracts

The use of shared components development is a very ordinary object and process in product development. It is mainly to simplify the production process in the product design and development stage, shorten the development time, reduce the cost and improve the production efficiency. And it also reducing the experience and learning curve for customers; implement the product clearer and easier to apply and get starting. The purpose of this study is to find out the logic of the design in Shared components; applying the innovative approach by combining the factorization method with the TRIZ method (39 engineering parameters and 40 innovation rules). It importing and guiding the process of designing with the Shared components. Application of Shared components designed to import TRIZ principles of innovation, and the creator can also generating more inspiration and association in the limited conditions. In the development of new products designed, the designer could systematic developing the Concept further, and implicating the Shared components design elements to create functional aesthetic values. The research results are summarized in this paper. There are five design specifications, two design contradictions and two design contradictions. Eventually there are four countermeasures were developed and applied with TRIZ method to produce two design subjects. It also participated in the design competition and proceed to Model production. It received totally four design awards at home and abroad; not to mention the products progressing to the mass production stage at last. Integrating Decomposition and TRIZ research were verified by the feasibility of successfully product creation.

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Shared parts design modular TRIZ bike lights