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The Inspiration of the Contacts of Buddhism for the Development of Modern Chinese Buddhism: under the Context of "The Belt and Road Initiative"



Parallel abstracts

The wide vision of "The Belt and Road Initiative" can urge the Chinese Buddhism to have a dream of being "based on China and to look at world," and help looking back upon the ancient routes through which the Buddhism came to China, as well as the acceptance process of its sinicization. Now the Buddhism in most regions along the Silk Road has been declined, and remains to be propagated back from Chinese Buddhism. The Buddhism in China should stand firm in the propagation of dharma in mainland China, and then to propagate the Buddhism worldwide. To integrate and refine the wisdom treasury of traditional Chinese Buddhism; translate the works of core thought into foreign languages; enable the modern Chinese Buddhism to be harmonized with foreign cultures; establish well educational institution for the human resource development, these all are formidable projects for the globalization of Chinese Buddhism. We should follow the spirit of ancient Buddhist masters who walked through the Silk Road and accomplished the sinicization of Buddhism, and do our best to make a sustained effort.