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Study on Development Strategies of Tilapia Industry in El Salvador

Advisor : 雷立芬
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羅非魚養殖在薩爾瓦多可能在國民經濟,就業機會和糧食安全方面發揮了重要作用。這項研究的目的是分析的羅非魚生產發展戰略,以最大限度地增加附加價值,商業連鎖,在某種程度上增加出口和開拓新市場的全球訴研究應用SWOT分析和波特的鑽石的描述宏觀方法模型,其基於二次數據源。 薩爾瓦多羅非魚產業似乎有關於天然資源和水產養殖結構的正面看法。由於水產養殖在薩爾瓦多 一個年輕的行業。它是在反應的弱點是特別適用於需求 條件,以及疲軟的配套產業,資本投資,經營和管理。主要的挑戰是降低生產成本,調解經濟表現增加薩爾瓦多羅非魚產業的競爭態勢。最後,有必要建立一個價值鏈中,不同的利益相關者,從私營部門和公共部門未來有牽扯,成為行業的關鍵因素。

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Tilapia Aquaculture in El Salvador could play an important role in terms of national economy, job opportunities and food security. This study aims to analyze development strategies for tilapia production in order to maximize and to increase added value to the commercial chain, in a way to increase exports and open new markets worldwide v. The study applies a descriptive macro approach of SWOT analysis and Porter’s Diamond model, which are based on secondary data sources. El Salvador’s tilapia industry appeared to have a positive view regarding the natural sources and aquaculture structure. Since aquaculture in El Salvador is a young industry. It is weaknesses in the responses was especially for demand conditions, as well weakness in supporting industry, capital invest, management and administration. The major challenges are to reduce the production cost and conciliate the economic performance to increase the competitive situation of El Salvador tilapia industry. Finally, it is necessary to develop a value chain where different stakeholders coming from private and public sector are involved to become the industry key factors.

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Tilapia Strategies SWOT analysis Diamond Model El Salvador Development


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