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Urban Renewal Regime: The Emergence And Transformation

Advisor : 夏鑄九
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近年來台北市最重要的都市政策就是都市更新,而都市更新就是上流化政策的一種類型,我們看見了在容積獎勵政策引導下,強大的社會與經濟動員力量,台北市區內隨處可見的都更狂潮,在許多美好的政策宣傳和慾望想像的背後,卻越來越忽視上流化(gentrification)配套的社會結構取代(displacement)效果。本文先分析都市更新論述與政策形成的主要論述資源芝加哥學派的有機功能論述,重新連結上流化政策與取代和社會排除的關係,並且重新建立適合的研究方法,以底層長時間的紀錄敘事,開放取代現象的定義,拉近學術研究與社會實踐的距離。本文以產權和更新範圍劃界的邏輯整理出四種個案經驗資料的發現,早在更新計畫實施前,社會排除和取代現象早已真實的發生。最後,作者在結論中提出,都市更新體制有如圍城,更新地區猶如被圍困的城堡,我們必須看見裡面正在進行的土地所有權的清洗整理工作。城市裡的生活尊嚴與環境獲得改善,是一種追求也是一種權力,也是城市權(right to the city)因此,我們需要突破土地所有權的侷限以及更新範圍劃設邏輯的利益框架,看見不同差異的彼此,並在過程中合作,重新找回屬於人民的公共性論述與實踐。

Parallel abstracts

“Urban Renewal” has been the most important urban policy for Taipei city in recent years, and it is one of the types of gentrification policy. People can see that, under the guidance floor area bonus policy, the powerful social and economic mobilization the fanatical wave of urban renewal is ubiquitous in almost every block in Taipei city, and people have gradually become neglectful of the effects of gentrification applied with displacement, all thanks to the fancy policy propaganda and the imagination of the desires. This article first analyzes the main discourse resources formed by the urban renewal and policies and the organic functional discourse from Chicago School, and reconnects the relationship between gentrification and social exclusion, and then recreates appropriate research methods and narrative from the bottom of the society for a long periods, and unfolds the definition of displacement and bridge the gap between academic research and social practice. Furthermore, this article sorts the empirical data from 4 cases based on the demarcation logic of property and renewal boundary making and finds that actually existing social exclusion and displacement even before renewal plans are put into execution. Finally, the author proposes in the conclusion that the urban renewal regime is like “fortress besieged”, the area being renewed is like a castle under siege, and there are land-ownership washing process taking place inside it. The dignity of living and the improvement of the living environment in a city are a cry and a demand, as well as a right to the city. Therefore, we need to break the limitation of the land-ownership and the profit framework of the renewal boundary making demarcation logic, in order to see the differences of each others, and to work together to reclaim the public discourse and public practice that belong to the people.


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