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Evaluation of Anthocyanin Contents in Grapes Using NIR Spectroscopy

Advisor : 陳世銘



Parallel abstracts

As people worldwide live longer, aging world population becomes a serious problem. The change of industries caused by economic changes speed up the aging of farmers. Nowadays, fewer and fewer individuals in Europe, Japan and Taiwan choose farming as an occupation than before and the averaged age of farmers grows rapidly in recent decades. The phenomena make the experience of elder farmers hard to pass down to the young generation. Besides, consumers nowadays seek for products with higher nutrition contents and better quality. Grapes are important economic crops and the raw material is utilized to produce wine all over the world. The color of grapes and wine is determined by the amount of anthocyanins, the water-soluble pigments which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties. Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy was used to detect foods’ ingredients in a short time with a non-destructive manner. In this study, we focus on detecting the content of anthocyanin by NIR spectroscopy and hope a new quality control standard can be built based on the improved non-destructive procedure. Combining the research of the medical value of the anthocyanin, a new marking strategy may be developed. In addition, the technology has the potential to assist young farmers who lack of the experience can use the NIR spectroscopy to harvest grapes with good quality.


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