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The Research of Hsinchu branch of the Sixth Navy Fuel Plant During the Japanese Government

Advisor : 黃俊銘
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石油資源的缺乏對身為工業大國的日本來說是個極大的問題,石化資源之缺乏是大 東亞戰爭爆發的重大原因之一。自大平洋戰爭期間,獲取南方佔領地的石油資源,與石 油生產設施開發建設、修復與將生產的油輸回日本本土是非常重要的事情。以戰養戰, 是日本當時的生存策略。 日治時期建立於台灣的第六海軍燃料廠是太平洋戰爭開戰後建設的其中一個海軍燃 料廠。六燃新竹支廠計畫生產異辛烷航空燃料,這項設施隨著建設與運作提高了海軍的 技術。雖然整個六燃新竹支廠到終戰為止並未建設完成,對戰爭中的貢獻有限,但這些 建築及設施見證了台灣在太平洋戰爭時期所扮演的角色,也是台灣少有獨特的軍事燃料 工業設施。二戰後台灣經過半個世紀,六燃的事情很多依然是個謎,相關研究也非常稀 少。本研究針對日治時期第六海軍燃料廠新竹支廠,探討其從計畫以來的發展過程。

Parallel abstracts

For a highly industrialized country like Japan, the issue of deficient oil has always been critical. It ultimately leaded to the out break of Asian War. The oil supply line was priority for Japan from the beginning to the end of the war. The line included a series of actions. First is occupying the south. Then construct and repair oil facilities. Finally transport oil to island Japan. The strategy was fueling the war by war. Japan authority built Sixth Navy Fuel Plant which is one of many navy factories built during the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan. The construction increased navy strength by producing aviation gasoline and lubrication. The main facility in Kaohsiung was succeed by CPC after the war. Though it was severely damaged, it kept operating till nowadays after repair and renovation. These construction and factories were indeniable mark and witness of the role of Taiwan in the war, and also one of the few military fuel industry factoris in Taiwan. Many deeds about Sixth Navy Fuel Plant remains unknown and seldom research was done even after half of a century from Taiwan Retrocession. This research focus on investigating the development of Sixth Navy Fuel Plant from the beginning to the end.


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