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The Survey to the On-Road Cyclist Sports Injuries

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本研究目的主要在調查公路車騎乘者在比賽中所造成的運動傷害,並分析受傷部位及原因,此研究結果將提供各業餘車隊與自行車騎士之參考。本研究以問卷方式調查,以屏東市正超力及鯊魚鐵人兩支車隊作為研究對象,一共發出60份問卷,有效問卷52份,有效回收率87%。經SPSS 17.0版統計軟體分析後發現:調查對象多為男性,佔83%;年齡層集中於31-40歲,佔70%;有參加過比賽/活動者超過半數,佔67%;騎乘車種以彎把公路車為主,佔87%。比賽時曾發生過傷害的有21人,佔40%。在這21人當中,受傷部位最多為大腿(27%),其次為手掌(18%)及及膝關節(18%)。造成原因以訓練過度及肌肉疲勞最多,佔17.9%;受傷種類以擦傷/割傷/刺傷為主,佔31.0%;處理方式主要為自行冰敷或敷藥處理,佔36.7%。

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The main purpose of this study was to investigate on-road cyclist sports injuries, and analyze the location and cause of injury. The results of this study will provide each team with amateur cyclists reference. In this study, questionnaire survey were issued to super-power and shark iron man two teams in Pingtung City. A total of 60 questionnaires were issued to the subjects, of which 52 valid questionnaires retrieved, the effective rate was 87%. Analysis method included the frequency distribution method and related researches rewiewed, the SPSS 17.0 was used in statistics. The results showed that most respondents are male, 83%; most ages in 31-40 years, accounting for 70%; most of them has participated in competitions/events, 67%; most rided the bend-handle bicycle, accounting for 87%. 21 people had competition injuries experience, accounting for 40%. In these 21 persons, most injured parts is in the thigh (27%), followed by hand (18%) and and knee (18%). Most cause were by over training and muscle fatigue, accounting for 17.9%. Type of injury, abrasion/cut/stab wounds, accounting for 31.0%. Their treatment was primarily with their own ice compression or external-use medicine, 36.7%.

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On-road bicycle Sports injury

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