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Analyzing Media Representation in Transgender Construction Discourse: Insights from the "Renyao Zeng Qiuhuang" Case and Related News



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In Taiwan during the 1950s, the media's discourse on transgender construction primarily stems from two significant events: the "Xie Jianshun Case" and the "Renyao Zeng Qiuhuang Case." The former event shaped societal encouragement and approval for "sex reassignment" to what is considered a "normal" or "conventional" body. The latter, on the other hand, symbolizes the social discipline and punishment of "abnormal bodies." This article focuses on media reports of the "Renyao Zeng Qiuhuang Case" from the 1950s, employing a feminist perspective and a media literacy framework to critically analyze the relevant news reports. It examines the related news and highlights the gender ideologies and transgender construction discourse embedded within media reporting. Additionally, this article strives to encourage critical reflection on the "constructed reality" presented by the media in today's increasingly mediated world. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing the underlying compulsory gender norms and values concealed within the information, and use this as a foundation to shape the ability of gender literacy for everybody.


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