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A Study on Shopping Services on Original Internet Apparel Store



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With the trend of online shopping and the maturity of online shopping platform, web-based shop becomes a main type for business to customer (B2C). Because of the online operation, Internet stores reduce huge numbers of physical costs such as store rent and human resources. Therefore, establishing an online store is easier than operating a physical store. This study used content analyze approach to understand the circumstance of online shopping service on the Internet stores and used online questionnaire to investigate the purchase needs of consumers on original clothing online stores. The results showed that: (1) Regarding to the information in original online clothing stores, the most proposition was commodity information and the least proposition was promotional information; (2) The transation related service was the most important for consumer, on the contrary, the personalization services was not; (3) There are huge gaps between the customer support services and promotional information which store provided and the expectation of customers. Thus, to increase purchase intention, the original clothing online stores should adjust their strategy to focus on customer expecting service and information by evaluating their clothing-selling situations.

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葉麗莎(2017)。不同視覺表現在女包網購站內商品資訊與其 網路廣告應用對消費者注意力的影響〔碩士論文,中原大學〕。華藝線上圖書館。https://doi.org/10.6840/cycu201700358