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Building a Culture Learning Model in the Study of Business Chinese: An Analysis in Business Professionals' Cultural Learning




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Business Chinese Teaching and Learning has been very popular during the last decade. A great number of learners worldwide find an increasing demand and interest in learning business Chinese. Studies have shown that language and culture are closely related. It is common to see general Chinese as well as business Chinese study programs integrate culture studies. However, the content of business culture study in business Chinese teaching and learning has never been fully discussed, and what should be taught is still a question. To fill the void of the current literature in this field, this study explores foreign business professionals' needs for learning Chinese business culture. In-service business professionals were asked about their opinions on what kind of cultural content learned from their business Chinese courses is most helpful to them when working in a Chinese-speaking region. This paper begins with a literature review of teaching and learning business culture in language courses followed by the development of parameters for examining the range of cultural content that is likely to be delivered in classrooms. The results of this research show that cultural content regarding intercultural communication, beliefs, values, and other subtle matters as expressed in language are regarded as the most important and helpful. The respondents also identified useful methods for teaching and learning Chinese business cultural content. A theoretical model for Chinese business culture teaching and learning is thus built. Recommendations for the teaching content, teaching methods, and material development are provided accordingly in this paper.


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