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The Research of a Core Intelligence Assessment Index of R&D Human Resource for Taiwan's High-Technology Enterprises

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This research extracts some intelligence theories from Sternberg's and Gardner's multi-intelligence, and refers them to the asspects of key competence currently defined or used by several countries. Based on above theories, a theoretical and practical study aimed to the feature of technical creativity and core competence in R&D person of Taiwan's high-technology enterprise has been followed. In addition to, according to employees' education distribution of TSMC, Weltrend, Holtek, Realtek and Vanguard International Semiconductor (VIS) five Taiwan's high-technology enterprises, were especially ranked at this research, as become the background at later proposed checklist, which will serve the purpose of intellegence assessment for R&D personel of Taiwain's high-technology enterprises particularly. At last, it is also suggested that enterprise should implement a set of standarized procedure for R&D person's core intelligence evaluation since recruiting. Thereafter, it consequently benefits, such as, recruiting R&D person effectively, promoting technology creativity of R&D person also reducing engineer resign rate , eventually keeps enterprise with good competition.

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