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On Shu Lin and His Works in Taiwan

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This article is about Shu Lin's works of literature and his relation to Taiwan. The discussion focused on three aspects. First of all, I reconstruct, from his works, his four consecutive visits of Taiwan (1867, 1869, 1878 and 1885). Secondly, I examine his works which is related to Taiwan. Finally, the discussion is about his poems, novels and translation works which are reprinted as well as rewritten by periodicals or magazines in Taiwan. From these discussions we can see some of his special and specific portrayals of women such as sexual workers and female thieves, as well as the concepts exhibited in his works such as filiality and courtesy. Shu Lin's influence on Taiwanese literature is mainly exerted by his translation work Yin Bian Yan Yu, through which Shakespeare is introduced to Taiwanese readers. Works printed in Taiwan Ri Ri Xin Bao, such as 'Denmark Prince', 'Prism' and 'Jade Toad', are imitational works for example. Because these works are not written by Shu Lin, and due to other accidental factors, the importance of Shu Lin in Taiwanese literature is ignored for many years, as opposed to writers such as Xun Lu and Kang-Jiang Hu. Through examination of Shu Lin's works, we can also find that authors from Taiwan are indeed very familiar with works in China. It is however a pity that after 1924, when some fierce debates in literature are uprising, only part of Shu Lin's works, mostly poems, are continued to be reprinted in Taiwan.


續修四庫全書 577.史部.傳記類。上海市:上海古籍出版社。