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Creativity Makes Literature More Fascinating-A Study of the Course


本研究主要在探討國中生創意作文教學的方法。從歷屆創意文學營的教學經驗中,建構出「創意文學營」之教學模式,並探討「創意文學營」實施後,學生寫作表現改變的情形。本研究是以行動研究法為主,輔以量化資料的分析。本研究對象是十六名國中學生,男生6名,女生10名。研究工具包括:創造力寫作評定量表、寫作情意量表、學生寫作作品及教師省思札記等。資料的分析包括:量化資料前後測t考驗,及學生作品的內容分析,藉由觀察、文件蒐集、訪談、量表與問卷、錄音錄影等方式,蒐集豐富的資料,進行資料的分析與詮釋。本研究主要結論如下:1. 營隊形式提供活潑的氛圍、教材貼近青少年文化、創造思考技法融入寫作教學、分段練習效果較佳以及培養學生觀察表達的能力。2. 本研究創意文學營更增加分段練習的時間,提供充份的時間進行創作,且題材增加論說文。3. 本研究建構出創意文學營的教學模式為:暖身活動、思考訓練、寫作重點訓練、作品範例分析、牛刀小試及大刀闊斧六個循環的階段。4. 學生寫作表現及寫作情意量表前後測的得分上都達顯著差異。

Parallel abstracts

This study aims at the following goals: (a) to observe and examine the students' conditions in their performances in writing in junior high school and the problems of the teachers concerned in teaching writing, (b) to compare the differences in course design in between the previous and the last, also the object Creative Writing Camp and to review their respective effects, (c) to study the teaching process of the object Creative Writing Camp and to establish the teaching steps for writing teaching, (d) to study the conditions and results of the students in their creative writing in the object Creative Writing Camp, (e) to analyze the changes or improvements shown in the students' writing after they have joined the said Camp.This study deals with the research object of 16 students (including 6 boys and 10 girls) from a junior high school. And, this study employs the way of action-research, making use of the related quantitative date through observations, documentary reference, interviews, tape-recording, video-tape filming, quantitative charts and questionnaire survey etc. The conclusions so obtained are as follows:1. The executive effects gained in the all of the past Creative Writing Camps include: a. the focus of the past Creative Writing Camps has been moved from creative subject matters to courses in topic writing through team-work thinking in camp teaching. b. The teaching effect in writing teaching can be improved by executing Creative Teaching and Creative Thinking Teaching. c. The previous Creative Writing Camps were held in a short period of time so that they failed to offer students any other related knowledge in writing.2. The teaching process of the object Creative Writing Camp contributes to the process of thinking in writing. The teaching process helps the students to set up and ensure their thinking direction, to shorten their thinking time and to enrich their contents. The paragraphic-writing-guidance activities designed in the said Camp contributes to the students' thinking in writing.3. The innovational writing-teaching pattern so established consists of such six steps as Warm-up activities, Thinking training, Analyzing model writings, Key-point writing training, Having a try and Bold revision.4. The courses in the Camp enhance the writing effects and the emotional willingness in writing.