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SharePoint jQuery程式開發

SharePoint Programming Using jQuery

Advisor : 孫天佑
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在現在這個網路發達的時代,在撰寫程式這方面人們需要的是在便利以及簡潔下達成最大的效益,除此之外在於外觀方面也不能如同過去簡單死板的樣貌,需要有更多的特效以及動畫來裝飾我們的網頁。 在本文中,我們將jQuery應用在ASP.Net上,使用jQuery來取代過去用JavaScript撰寫的程式碼,使得程式變得更加簡潔,方便未來修整以及除錯。之後我們將網頁中原本是ASP.Net的控制項用jQuery的控制項來取代,使得網頁外觀的動態效果看起來更佳的美觀。最後我們再將jQuery與SharePoint整合,將jQuery的動態效果帶入SharePoint,讓SharePoint的外觀看起來更加的美觀。


SharePoint. ASP.Net jQuery

Parallel abstracts

Nowadays, the computer network is heavily used and relied on. On writing codes, one hope for more convenience and simplicity with price stay as economic as possible. On the other hand one wishes the user interface should not be too simple or classical and try to enrich the user interface with more animations of special effect In this paper, we discuss the application of jQuery to ASP .Net. By replacing the JavaScript codes that we wrote in the past with jQuery, the codes become more compact and are easier to maintain in the future. After jQuery is used on the webpage to replace traditional ASP .Net controls, the whole look and feel of the webpage becomes more dynamic. Finally, we discuss how we can integrate jQuery with SharePoint platform. By introducing more jQuery dynamic effect into SharePoint platform, we improve the use experience of SharePoint platform.

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jQuery ASP.Net SharePoint.


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