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Investigation on the Heavy Metal and Histamine Contents of Canned Fishery Products




吳白玟(Bair-Wen Wu);陳石松(Shyr-Song Chen);林瑞著(Ruey-Juh Lin);張碧秋(Bih-Chiou Chang);林阿洋(A-Yang Lin);周薰修(Shin-Shou Chou)

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9號(1991 / 09 / 01)

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257 - 266

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Chinese Abstract

本計畫針對進口及國產水產罐頭食品各100件進行鉛、錫、汞及組織按含量調查,以瞭水產罐頭食品的衛生安全情形。 對於鉛含量調查,在100件國產水產罐頭食品檢體中,超出食品罐頭鉛含量之最大容許量1.5ppm者共有3件(36件二片罐檢體中佔1件,64件三片罐檢體中佔2件);100件進口水產罐頭食品檢體中,共有7件超出食品鉛含量之最大容許量(67件二片罐檢體中佔3件,33件三片罐檢體中佔4件)。在100件國產水產罐頭及100件進。水產罐頭食品檢體,均未超出罐頭食品錫含量之最大容許量250ppm,亦均未超出魚蝦類汞含量之最大容許量0.50ppm。對於組織胺含量約在50ppm以下;在100件進口水產罐頭食品檢體中,50ppm以下者佔96件,51ppm和100ppm之間者佔3件,超出100ppm者佔1件。

English Abstract

In order to understand the hygenic safety of canned fishery products, the contents of lead, tin, mercury and histamine in 200 samples, include imported and domestic proucts, are analyzed according to the published official methods. The results show that the lead content of 3 samples in 100 domestic products are above the allowed amount of lead in canned food, as 1.5ppm. The lead content of 7 samples in 100 imported products are above 1.5ppm. The tin contents of 100 imported and 100 domestic products are notabove the allowed amount of tin in canned food, as 250ppm. The mercury content of 100 imported and 100 domestic products are fitted to the hygenic standard-the mercury content in fish and shrimp should not be above 0.5ppm. As for the survey of histamine content, the contents of histamine in 100 domestic products are all below 50ppm. The histamine contents of 96 samples in 200 contents of 3 imported samples are between 51 and 100ppm. The content of histamine in one imported sample is above 100ppm.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 預防保健與衛生學
醫藥衛生 > 藥理醫學
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