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Elevation Variation Study in a Watershed Using Historical Topographic Maps




孫明德(Ming-Te Sun);傅桂霖(Kuei-Lin Fu);詹坤哲(Kun-Che Chan);蘇郁文(Yu-Wen Su)

Key Words

坡地變遷 ; 歷史地圖 ; 數值高程模型 ; Slope variation ; topographic map ; digital elevation model



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48卷4期(2017 / 12 / 01)

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197 - 205

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Chinese Abstract


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In this study, we used historical topographic maps, satellite images, and original aerial photographs, which were taken using aerial stereo photography technology, to make digital elevation models that mimicked the recovery process of topographic evolution. After reviewing the three types of maps and images, we chose the Putanpunas stream watershed to mimic the recovery process of topographic evolution. Aerial photos were used to construct a digital elevation model for analyzing the topographic evolution. We found the largest change in elevation to be 45 m at an upstream location. Midstream and downstream changes in elevation were less than 8 m. A hydrological analysis provided solid evidence confirming the accuracy of the mimicked topographic evolution of a landslide site. Utilizing these maps and images in combination will serve as a powerful tool for regional planning, hazard assessment, sediment transport management, and environmental protection.

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