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Exploring the Past and Discover the New Methods-A Retrospective Study on the History of Diseases in Modern China across the Strait




皮國立(Guo-Li Pi)

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疾病 ; 疾病史 ; 研究回顧 ; 研究成果 ; 醫療史 ; 近代中國 ; diseases ; history of diseases ; retrospective study ; research result ; medical history ; modern China



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35期(2006 / 06 / 01)

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251 - 277

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Studying on the history of diseases has become a popular topic in the past years. In the general study on the Chinese medical history across the Strait, the history of diseases is no longer a subject out of favor or one that intimidates historians. Instead, scholars turn to scrutinize the Chinese history of diseases from various viewpoints and try to define how each of the diseases represents a diverse role in certain historical situations. Modern China represent a special era in that Chinese culture converges with the western cultures and that many traditional diseases and medical knowledge pedigrees are redefined with new meanings. This arouses interests of some scholars who have published magnificent research results. This essay purposes to examine the overall researches on the history of diseases across the Strait, including books and essays, expose the specialty of China culture in the modern China, and discuss the issues to be concerned during this period. By reviewing the existing researches, this essay is to find out what subject is worth exploration or unresolved in the field of History of Diseases in Modern China. Personal comments are also put forth in the hope of making contributions to this field.

Topic Category 人文學 > 歷史學