Factorial Validity of the Tseng Handwriting Problem Checklist

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曾美惠(Mei-Hui Tseng)

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factor analysis ; handwriting ; school-aged children ; occupational therapy



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11卷(1993 / 12 / 01)

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13 - 27

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Chinese Abstract

中國學童之寫字問題很少被研究。原因之一可歸諸缺乏可靠及有效的評估工具。本研究乃藉由因素分析(Factor analysis)來確認曾氏檢核表之建構效度(construct validity),此乃評估工具之效度的研究方法之一。曾氏檢核表涵括24項寫字問題。受試者是214名來自高雄市五權國小、樂群國小及愛國國小三至五年級有嚴重寫字問題的學童,各級任老師再根據這些學童的作業本及裸堂上的寫字行為觀察,為這些學生勾選檢核表。因素分析結果產生六個因素(factor)的因素型(factor pattern),此六個因素解釋69%寫字行為的變異量(variance)。各因素負荷(factor loading)高且明確,結果與假設相符,即曾氏檢核表乃評估學童“建褲”、“順序”、“行為”、“正榷”、“勤作”,及“方向性”等六種寫字問題的有效工具。

English Abstract

Handwriting problems in Chinese elementary school students have rarely been researched. Efforts to examine handwriting difficulties in school-aged children have been hampered by the lack of a reliable and valid instrument. The present study was designed to examine the factorial validity of the Tseng Handwriting Problem Checklist (THPC), which consists of 24 items assessing handwriting problems in Chinese elementary school students. Factor analysis was performed on the items of the THPC with a sample of 214 school-aged children from Grades 3 through 5 who had handwriting problems. Results replicated a previous study. Factor loadings were all sufficiently strong to regard the six factors as distinct, well defined constructs. These factors were construction, sequencing, behavior, accuracy, motor, and directionality.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 醫藥總論
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